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How to Create a Successful Youtube Channel?

YouTube content categories help you organize your channels and videos. Also, Youtube content genres help developers, advertisers, and managers find the content and audience they want to focus on. 

To succeed in the selected category, you need to master the basic proven methods and ways to optimize content.

Different Youtube channels genres

Each YouTube channel can be associated with some existing content category on this platform. Types help organize millions of channels and billions of videos on YouTube and allow viewers, advertisers, and developers to find common ground and understand the needs of each consumer group.

Thanks to the division into categories, viewers can easily find the content they are interested in. Advertisers can narrow their target audience, and developers will learn universal proven methods.

To optimize your channel, you can check what materials are accessible in this content category. To get started, you can pay heed to other types of Youtube channels, which also belong to this category. Choose a channel and consider the case of its subject, or think in what words someone can describe it. Enter this information in the YouTube search bar and filter the results by channel. Start with a niche topic, and then gradually expand the range of requests, moving on to a more general problem. For instance, you can start with the query “yoga for children,” and then go to the query “yoga.”

Below, you will find trending Youtube topics:

  • Transport
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Humor
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Family channels
  • Cinema and animation
  • Cookery
  • Games
  • Hobbies and style
  • Music
  • News and Politics
  • Social Activities and Nonprofits
  • People and Blogs
  • Animals
  • Science and technology
  • Sport
  • Travels

Proven methods for each YouTube genre

The most important thing is the content on Youtube. The touching and attractive materials that users share with great relish make the audience come back on the channel all the time. To lighten up the search of Youtube content that’s appropriate for your channel category, consider which videos play well in specific types.

youtube content

Below, there are four of the most important goals and a few questions that will help you get started.

Identify the influencer’s channels in this category and analyze the content they offer viewers

Check that it plays well on the best type of Youtube channels, and use this information when you are creating your own content. Channels vary about the budget. Keep this in mind when evaluating and applying the solutions that they have peered.

  • What is the difference between the best authors in this category? What do they do well?
  • What is the purpose of the channel? What can he teach? Or is it inspiring?
  • Do they use one strategy or many different ones when the content is created?

Identify the audience in this category

Think about who are the recipients of the content in this category. For instance, consider age, gender, or location. Does the content of other types of Youtube channels live up the audience’s promises? Should the content satisfy the expectations of brands and advertisers in this genre? The audience’s analysis will help determine whether the channel is in keeping with the audience and whether it is attractive to advertisers.

  • What are the general audience’s characteristics of similar channels in each type?
  • How does the channel’s content strategy reflect demographic data for viewers in this category?
  • Is content on the channel suitable for brands advertised in this category?

Define a strategy of the content that has gained a reputation in this category

Analyze the types of content on the channel, as well as the method and time of its appearance.

  • Do the channels regularly publish content related to the interests of viewers, planned series, or thematic groups?
  • Is new content optimized for the interests of the audience, or is it instead of a large-scale event that should raise awareness?
  • How to create programs that will help in keeping the audience, winning fans, and new subscribers?

Identify the common elements in this category

Analyze how content is presented in various categories. Depending on the types of Youtube channels, viewers are often used to watching videos in a particular format and with specific characteristics.

Watch popular videos and see how you can improve your channel’s content.

  • Does the selected category contain movies of similar quality? Lengths? Format?
  • What are the general features of the production of such channels? What technologies and production methods are usually used?
  • What are the common elements of the appearance of such channels?

Top 7 the most popular topics on Youtube

To become a famous YouTube blogger, you need to not only generate content but also to get passed around in trends. What genres are most popular? 

types of Youtube channels


Such videos are usually arranged in the format of tops. For example, TOP 7 must-read books, or TOP 10 applications for a blogger. The success of life hacks is that they are simple to implement for a blogger, and arouse interest among viewers because they help to structure information.


The YouTube show format is becoming more popular day by day. Many experts predict that it will become the most popular soon, putting all other genres on the back burner.

How to 

This genre is a video tutorial on a wide variety of topics: from “How to do “No makeup” makeup” to simple scientific experiments. This category is useful for niche experts who want to promote their services or a personal brand.


Bloggers love to challenge themselves and their peers. Such videos are always attractive to viewers because they are funny and informative. Who doesn’t like gambling experiments?


It’s one of the most popular types of Youtube channels. Bloggers deride, as a rule, each other, or other media people. The audience loves these videos because they are incredibly funny.

House tour

Video bloggers show their houses and apartments, simultaneously sharing some fav things and objects. This brings together the author and his audience at a psychological level, allows them to make friends.

Test Drive

The audience is a big fan of test drives for the fact that bloggers do things that the viewer would never dare to do. For example, they do makeup by budget cosmetics, risking allergies. Everything that is the definition of “Tested on yourself.”

In conclusion

By defining detailed requirements for content in this category, you can avoid costly trial and error training and also make it easier for your channel to succeed.

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