How to raise activity and engagement on Instagram? + My personal recommendation of the best site to buy Instagram followers!

“Achtung! Competition wasted! The page is inactive! No one likes us. Our copywriter was upset that engagement is low and left us. Why am I paying you money?”

Familiar? I will tell you how to increase the activity and involvement on Instagram, and why the enhanced work on promotion does not always bring the desired results. Plus I will advise you the best site to buy Instagram followers.

To begin, let’s discuss two main misconceptions of newbies:

“SMM is a fast process.”

Social networks for small and medium businesses are platforms for pent-up demand. In groups and on business pages, they look for reviews, watch works, study prices and ask questions. Buy not immediately and not always.

I’ll tell you a terrible story: a long time ago on the Internet in general, and no one came to buy on social networks. Everyone came to chat: get stuck in memes, watch photos on Instagram, find a show for the evening, or scold in the comments on Facebook.

By the way, if you just started working with traffic, be prepared for the fact that at first, your account will not have a lot of comments – it is useless to rely on ER, the increase will be insignificant. The exceptions are already known to all brands/celebrities and other celebrities – those who were known long before they appeared on Instagram. Well, the eggs, maybe 

SMM is a fast process

“I will go to courses. I will learn everything there.”

And the last misconception is the belief that you can become cool Instagram specialist after taking courses from info-businessmen. There are exceptions, but they confirm the rule: information on the courses is far from relevant, it can be found in the public domain.

Influential practitioners can be counted on the fingers, and they are expensive. And you can systematize the information already in your head and get fascinating insiders at conferences.

Instant results, powerful pushes and the same content plan for all beauty masters who have 50 dollars

I dispel your craving for instant results, get to work!

What to do to your Instagram posts to collect more comments and likes? Maybe you should buy Instagram followers to like your photos?  If you read attentively, you will find in the blog post the cheapest place to buy Instagram followers and likes. 

Arrange contests and sweepstakes with gifts.

Participants go to your contest post on Instagram and tag friends. Or put hashtags, write code words, and you choose random winners randomly. And you can ask 6000 followers on Instagram to add a link to your account or make a repost. It will help get more followers among the contestants’ friends. Surprisingly, it works: users are ready for a lot for $ 50 / iPhone X / beauty kit.

You can still play your goods and services!

The more users mark, the more they will see you.

sweepstakes with gifts

Make general like-time with friendly accounts.

Take an example from famous bloggers: surely you noticed how when a publication has published a group of users actively commented and likes each other. More similar events are held for followers. For example, to draw “buns” among the most active (although it is impossible to track how many followers accurately put likes). But if you want fast followers and likes, pay attention to the best site to buy Instagram followers.

There may be a lot of options, one result: more likes to god likes

Thanks to people who like your posts, they are included in recommended sites for other users – followers are also growing due to increased coverage. A quick set of likes also allows your publications to get into the top hashtags.

Do STOP auctions and ANTI auctions.

It works like this: under the post, there is a countdown to increase or decrease in price with a sure step. The reverse auction lasts until a person appears, ready to buy goods at an auction price. The winner is the participant whose bet is not interrupted.

The main rule of auctions is clear and transparent conditions, otherwise swearing is guaranteed.

Do interesting quests

Do interesting quests.

Post a post where a popular meme or sticker replace a photo of one of the goods. The task of the participant is to find this product in new publications. The one who finds wins. There is an option to request a repost or mark the discovery with a branded hashtag. The same quests can be developed for a bunch of online and offline: Can you imagine a crowd of prowling sushi lovers? I somehow yes

Share talking numbers.

During the time of your company a lot of facts have accumulated that you can share with customers:

  • store launch dates;
  • the number of cups of coffee that you drank, creating the idea of ​​a new collection and advertising slogan;
  • the number of visitors to the store page for the entire time or number of sales, etc.

Suggest in the comments to guess the real figure or choose from the options. Celebrate with excellent bonuses and winners discounts. Correct answers can be spread in separate posts.

Write on provocative topics.

Instagram posts will collect the maximum number of reactions if you write them on provocative topics. Hyping and provoking a heated discussion is easy – one has only to touch on the subject of religion, politics, sports, divorce, parenting, feminism.

A hot topic that will inevitably cause a flurry of different comments (the main thing is that the post should correspond to your real beliefs)

If you are not afraid of accusations of racism, xenophobia, and discrimination: write about national, gender and other differences. Also, everything related to individual tastes (in music, literature, painting, clothes, etc.) will cause a “hot” discussion among your followers in the comments to the post.

Instagram without boobs

Give users a reason to speak out.

When writing, you can ask the opinion of the audience, ask questions. Also conduct polls and polls in Stories, play with formats and fonts.

Instagram without boobs – not Instagram (actually not)

Use interesting puzzles on logic and erudition – all this will help engage the audience. Everybody loves to play, both old and young; intrigue – even without material incentives, users are willing to participate in such events. Be sure to respond to comments on posts, the comment also on your followers. In general, sincerely show interest to your audience, and she will answer you the same.

Spend interactive games in Stories.

Gamification will bring you many reactions.

In the end, you can bring players to the site, for example, or to another account.

Participate in competitions, marathons and conduct them yourself.

These events are a game in which Instagram users become participants in exciting activities. The participants have announced the rules, distribute tasks and conditions for receiving prizes.

Coming up with your challenges or marathons, consider the trends, try to copy someone else’s experience. But as a true artist complements reality, so do you complete any activity with your creativity.

Challenges must be consistent with the subject of your account – so more likely to attract the right audience. Promise your audience bonuses for their likes.

You undoubtedly know stories, tips, lessons about how to hook your army of followers. In case you forgot, here is the best site to buy Instagram followers!

Instagram followers

Try to order advertising to attract traffic!

How to order advertising from a blogger on Instagram and not to drain the budget?

Bloggers are considered a panacea. If you want everyone to know about the business, pay for the story or the post and reap the rewards. Everything is much more complicated.

Hey. I am a blogger, a journalist.

Often companies ask me to advertise their product. But I refuse from 70% of offers – the client offers a product that is irrelevant to my subject or cannot formulate the tasks.

Sometimes incidents happen already in the process. Therefore, I decided to give a few life hacking, how to interact with the blogger correctly, set tasks for him and not be disappointed.

Explore a blog topic – perhaps it does not suit your product.

Scroll through the last 10-15 posts, learn what the person writes about. The appropriate platform is equal to the correct targeting, and this is money.

Eco-activist will not advertise flowers. A person who cares about health will not advertise McDonald’s and soda chips. Such an oxymoron will undermine the credibility of the blogger and cause rejection of the product. It is how to sell the soul to the devil. Sorry, the seller is a pity, but you will go around the devil for a kilometer.

Example 1: I regularly raise social and environmental issues. I do not like a business that harms nature. Sometimes I post a story with a story about the dangers of flower farms.

But the conditional “Million of scarlet roses online” flowers still knock on the direct with the proposals for advertising. That is, the guys gathered a base of leaders of opinions, didn’t understand their background for too long and organized a mass mailing of offers.

blog topic

The blog topic must be relevant to the topic of your product.

Example 2: I do not digest sugar. Raise the awareness of readers and explain that the rejection of sugar automatically improves the quality of life.

On the same day, candy makers write to me with a proposal to cooperate. Well, it would be a bar of “live” chocolate – no, an ordinary evil mass market. In response, I offered to see the stories.

Your product should overlap with the lifestyle of the opinion leader.

There are a lot of bloggers on Instagram. Look for pages where ads will look organic and will not surprise the audience. It will turn out a good story, causing a positive response instead of an unpleasant aftertaste.

Analyze the site on cheating followers and likes

My acquaintances told me about such cases, and I decided to share it with you.

Carefully analyze the area for cheating. The number of likes and followers does not say anything. Today statistics are sold and bought.

Example: The project of my friends. To bring a new product to the market, they turned to bloggers. We looked at the subject, the number of followers and likes. The figure of 10-15 thousand followers and 1500 likes encouraging.

People sent TZ, paid money. And then they collected statistics and cried. Most of the guys used the service of mass following and with two thousand likes under the post coverage – exactly two thousand.

Analyze the site

If your product is shit – be prepared to hear it.

The product or service is not suitable for everyone, consider this reasonable. It is much better when the leader of opinions honestly describes positive emotions than squeezes out of himself the enthusiasm for the fee. A lie is felt – it repels. I recommend working with those bloggers whose platform philosophy is in tune with the brand.

Example: A clothing store wanted a native ad. Under the conditions, I choose the product myself, order the thing I like, wear it and tell about my impressions.

What happened: Reality without a fight gave way to expectations. In the photographs, everything looked different from life. They sent me nasty to the touch synthetics with crooked seams and poorly finished edges. Immediately reached the post office, sent the beauty back.

The customer was offended, called my behavior inadequate and capricious. I do not like a negative review; otherwise, I would have left the suit on myself. I would show people seams with a macro plan.

A blogger will test your product on himself. Likes – advertising will be. Does not like it – do not be offended. You can buy a million Instagram followers and won’t get any like if the product is shitty. No matter if you buy real and active Instagram followers, take care of your product! 

It happens regularly. Before I talk about food, care products or cosmetics, I test products for at least two weeks. I have sensitive skin, I determine by the reaction whether the ingredients are in a jar or another nonsense. Often advertised cosmetics ranked in the second paragraph. I honestly talk about my observations and refuse to cooperate.

A clothing store

Set clear objectives right away.

If the nuances of pictures and video are essential to you, prepare a detailed reference. Instagram is not a battle of psychics. If they say that the tube should be in the frame – it will be in the frame. The desire to be in the upper left corner at the eye level, voice immediately.

Example 1: The brand decided to tell about itself through the opinion leaders and held a tender. The project led the agency. We agreed on two stories and shook hands. While preparing content in a photo studio, it turned out cool. Agreed on the date of publication, video approved. After that, I asked the brand to double the number of Stories for the same amount. That is, remove additional content in the same style and location for free.

Again, spending money on the studio, time for preparation, the road and the photo can only be in emergency situations after tedious discussions remained under the same denominator. Readers liked the response pleased. But the sediment remained.

Example 2: Five or six years ago, hoverboard appeared on the market. I sent them to the test twice. We left the countryside with a photographer, found scenic views with smooth paths, made a dozen of beautiful shots.

Want your hair to flutter in the wind – talk about it right away!

The customer suddenly wanted my hair flowing in the wind. I calmly described the original ones: the weather is windless, and the hoverboard is thin. Speed ​​for developing curls requires tangible. I was offered to shake my head. But it would be a lie, and we did not agree. Or send a speed gadget, or shake your hair yourself. Advertising never came out. 

Analyze channel cheaters

Warn if something has changed

In large-scale projects with a large number of actors, the customer himself creates visual content. Bloggers are collected in one place, photographed and make a video.

The worst thing is to schedule a stylist, makeup artist, and hairdresser, to notify the blogger about this decision, and at the last moment to change his mind and not tell anyone.

Example: Online clothing store arranged a mini blog tour. Ten people from different countries flew to Moscow by night flights. Immediately upon arrival photographing. We quietly drank coffee, waited for makeup artists and hairdressers.

“Oh, didn’t they tell you? Budget cut, paint yourself. “

One-day blog tour, no one took with a makeup comb. Sleepless night and flight do not paint anyone.

Saved to makeup artists – got photos of tired girls in advertising

The photos were average, and the content was posted out without pleasure.

How to order advertising from the leader of opinions, don’t waste your budget and nerves?

Experience is the son of awkward mistakes. But it is better to form it on the mistakes of others. Here’s a checklist for you to think about when working with a blogger:

  • Analyze the blog content. Do not ask to advertise the sale of live Christmas trees, if a blogger drowns for saving nature.
  • Analyze channel cheaters and likes on the channel to save the budget.
  • Think before you advertise a product that you doubt.
  • Write down in detail the tasks and your wishes.
  • Warn the blogger about all changes to the contract and force majeure situations.
  • Treat the blogger with respect. We, too, all this is not easy – we get tired, and such incomprehensible situations are unsettling.

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