How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram

Get tired of you Followings? Find the way how to unfollow 100 or 1000 of them with an economy of motion.

Instagram has broken through 1 billion of users recently. Can you imagine that number? It’s almost equal to the population of India. Every day millions of these users post their photos and videos. So it’s quite understandable that you wonder sometimes how can you unfollow everybody on Instagram at once.

Just for reference, “how to unfollow everyone on Instagram” is a very popular request on Google. Be sure, you are not alone in your desires: almost 11 100 000 search results.

Instagram, as you remember, is a social network. For you (and for me) it is probably the source of inspiration – all those vacation videos, beautiful people and places, deliciously looking food. For others it is the source of potential customers and income – people promote their business through Instagram.

But, one day you wake up in your bed, take your phone, open your favorite Instagram and see all these bloggers, influencers, models, businessmen, businesswoman, dancers, kids in your News Feed… and suddenly realize that they just drive you crazy. Why so? The reason can lie in the fact that Instagram became an essential part of our lives. All photos that are published every minute, great and not so good ones, unsuccessful posts and unnecessary follows  turn into the junk bonds with time. And you want to free yourself from that.

If you are a proficient user of Instagram you must know that Instagram sets a limit on the number of followings to 7500. If you haven’t known, now you know. You won’t be able to follow the more, but other users can follow you without any restrictions (in case you are an interesting person to follow).

That is why, if you are interested in a certain promotion for your account you should  “clear space” from unnecessary stuff from time to time in order to fill it with kissing-kin.

Unfollows do not mean anything bad for your account, vice versa, it will have a positive impact on the speed of your promotion.

Why people follow and unfollow all the time?

Every day the number of Instagram users grows. That’s a fact. 

The more users – the more rivalry.

And an endless stream of content:

  • Somebody runs the own business and promoting it on Instagram, sells clothes, shoes, whatever.
  • Somebody tells you how to lead the “samsa adshiva”, cooperates with suppliers and gets money for advertising
  • Somebody shares their photos of themselves on the party and so on, the list can be continued till the World’s end.

All these accounts are in the constant fight for the user’s attention. That causes the flow of follows and unfollows.

Instagram is so appealing to us because of its diversity. And contrary to many people’s opinion, that life in social media prevents a well-spent life, in reality, it teaches people, gives them important information and pleases with attractive images.

attractive images

So why people follow?

As there are probably only two reasons for following: follow somebody because you are interested in the content he/she offers, or you want them to follow you back. 

If to speak about the unselfish following, people are interested in quality content. Think of what people want. They want to develop yourself, they want some movement, they want to improve their lives. And maybe it will seem you a strange delirium, but Instagram encourages that.

The beautiful pictures from a journey can motivate you to save some money and go traveling. The fittest shape of a model can bring you to a gym.

Every person looks for something special on Instagram. Recipes, foreign language practices, funny vines, and actually a huge number of different things. People are looking for accounts they would be interested in non-stop. One question, why do they search “how to unfollow everyone on Instagram” then?

Why did he/she unfollow me?

1.  As I said, it is all about competition, rivalry, and contest. Yeah, maybe your crush just found the more beautiful profile with photos of better quality, made with the latest iPhone. Or your recipes are not to somebody’s liking. Yes, it is free of charge to follow so you can follow everyone, but remember, that every person want only relevant and interesting content to come to his or her eyes.

Even one little post can cause unfollows, so think twice before posting some not useful stuff.

2. Plus, it is can happen due to the irregularity of your posting. The oftener you post your photo or video the less probability of unfollows. But it shouldn’t be like a spamming of a bot. Know when enough is enough.

3. If people are close to those sacred 7500. Imagine, you found the gorgeous profile of Miss Venezuela and press the button “Follow” and instead observe “Error”. Of course, your next step is to go to your followings list and start mass unfollow. That is inevitable so to say.

4. Not active accounts trash. You should throw it away. They will never follow you back. There is one nuance, it is an extremely routine work, that will take not one evening to be done. If you want to know how to do it in a moment, keep reading this article.

5. The same story with extra-active accounts. People who post 10 and more photos per day are annoying and can piss me off, personally.

6. Have you heard about Follow-Unfollow trick, method, strategy call it whatever you want? Its essence consists in following somebody and if he or she do not follow you back in a couple of days, unfollow them. it works well when you have an unsatisfying correlation between numbers of your followers and followings. The balance should be kept.

Follow-Unfollow strategy

Tell us more about Follow-Unfollow strategy.

It’s of a high probability that you used this strategy without knowing about the existence of one. Meanwhile, it is the most popular and effective way to receive followers and promote your account. For instance, your account will grow to a thousand-audience in a 12 month just relying on that method. Some can say: ”it’s great of course but these numbers didn’t impress me much, I want more followers.” Here is a piece of good news for you, you CAN reach it with an automation system.

So we’ve found out why people follow and unfollow. Now, it is high time to discuss how you can unfollow everybody.

How to unfollow a lot on Instagram?

The first way is the most obvious one, of course.

You open an Instagram App on your smartphone. Now go to your page, click “Following” in the right top corner of it, see and check out the over many annoying amount of Followings and click “Following” one more time and then “Unfollow”.


You can do it like this:

  1. Open the unwanted person’s profile.
  2. Tap , and then, “Unfollow”

When you unfollow somebody, you will see the change of the button “Message” to “Follow”. Your ex-fellow won’t be notified that you unfollowed her or him. So the revenge will come a little bit later. Exhale.

Easy-like? Sure, but not so funny if you have more than 200 accounts to unfollow. Take care of your fingers and mental state.

And if you asked yourself “how many people can I unfollow on Instagram?”, the answer will be “As many as you want.” 

Bonus for you!

If you do not want your dad spying on you on Instagram, there is one way.

The only way to delete somebody from your list of followers is to block him. If you block somebody he won’t be able to watch your content and find you somehow on Instagram. Moreover, the blocked loser won’t be notified about the block. So there you go.

Thus, we are moving to 

blocked loser

The second way or even the third one!

Use your computer. And do the same monotonous job. What can I advise here? hmm, arm yourself with patience and go ahead.

There is one thing that you need to keep in mind. In that case that you got up the guts and started unfollow each person of your 300 by yourself. You probably won’t succeed if do it in a raw because of Instagram policy. I would recommend you to unfollow by small portions like 20-30 unfollows in an hour and then a couple of minutes of a rest.

But if you get blocked accidentally, calm down, don’t worry, it will be taken off in 24 hours (if it’s your first time.)

A quite exhausting process, believe me, I tried. 

More importantly, If you want to unfollow somebody who has been following you, be ready to lose your followers in response. And if you don’t want to lose your audience in the process, my next means how to unfollow a bunch on Instagram at one click will spark your interest.

Are you already intrigued? 

The third secret method of mass unfollow!

If you want to know how to do that dirty job without wasting your precious time, note that there is a whole lot of various Bots, which can unfollow everybody on Instagram with pleasure instead of you.

What’s this and how it works?

Those Bots introduces an automation system, which will look for inactive users or simply users who do not follow you back(cause what’s the heck?)and unfollow them without any hesitations. That way you won’t be scared that after your “betrayal” people will unfollow you back.

Moreover, these bots are smart enough to do it right that way not to cause Instagram anger, as you know that to get under the Instagram ban for unwanted activity is a piece of cake. Their solution is to dexterously avoid these blocks by making a sort of pause between actions of unfollowing during some fixed periods of time. So if attuned in the right way, these bots will be safe and effective tools for you.

The advantages of using such Bots.

  • It can unfollow everyone without exceptions. Or you can save your personal follows (or any follows you like and want to leave them by your side) from this fatal fate and the automation will unfollow everyone with the exception of those ones.
  • It can unfollow a particular amount of account. You choose the number and it will do its job.
  • Some of them can provide what I call a “last minute interaction”. A little trick: likes and comments before you leave. It will bring you an extra engagement and your promotion won’t stop even for a sec.
  • It saves time.
  • In the whole, it is more qualified and you can be sure that the work will be professionally done.
unfollow me back

Will people unfollow me back?

That is misleading thinking. It’s not obligatory. First, Instagram took charge of the happiness of all its users. It will never show you who unfollowed you and who dared to block you. Instead, Instagram focuses your attention strictly to the photo and video content and positive emotions from the interaction of profiles. You get notifications only about somebody’s like or that somebody started following you. that’s it.

Of course, there are fanatics who will search it anyway. I feel sorry for them. Their efforts are in vain.

Wow, that was a long article. I hope it was of some use for you. But I want you to take a look at the resume of it.

  1. Instagram is a dope social network, where you can find a lot of useful and newsworthy information.
  2. Instagram is a dope social network, where you can find a lot of useless and uninteresting information.
  3. There is a harsh rivalry of accounts for the user’s attention.
  4. That’s why people follow and unfollow each other all the time.
  5. People follow you either because of your attractive content or they want you to follow them back. Sometimes, both.
  6. People unfollow you because of your inactivity or your extra activity, or they are close to 7 500, or they hate you.
  7. You can unfollow all by yourself and go mad.
  8. You can repose trust to automation systems or Bots and unfollow everybody.
  9. People won’t learn that you unfollowed them.

Why should you do things if somebody can do the same instead of you?

As for me, I highly appreciate my time and would never waste my time searching for inactive accounts or accounts who do not follow me back in order to unfollow them.

So keep calm and unfollow everyone!

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