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Instagram Hashtag Generator: How To Use It Right?

If you run a business on Instagram or aiming to grow your fanbase as an influencer, hashtags are helpful. Essentially, they help to make your posts easy to find and boost the chances to appear in the TOP feed. Hashtag generator by Toolzu is a robust tool I recommend you to use instead of guesswork. 

You can search hashtags on any language and alphabet, simply copy and past in a caption of document. Also, you can view the analytics on each hashtag and predict your opportunities to get to the TOP. Toolzu separates hashtags according to how challenging it is to get discovered. Let me explain how to use this smart searcher right. 

Instagram Hashtag Generator – full guide

Start the Hashtags generator in the next tab and repeat my steps. You’ll also need to register, but it takes just a couple of minutes. 

#1 Enter keywords

Enter keywords

To start the search, you need to type the keys describing your image, business, and location. You are free to enter 5 different keys, and the searcher suggests the relevant hashtags. 

Remember, you can use any language. I recommend you to start a new search every time you upload different products. The keys should describe the image very well. 

Alternatively, you can search by a link or image. Thus you need to paste a URL to any IG post you uploaded or browse an image on your device. AI-search will collect the beast hashtags according to a picture. 

#2 Choose relevant hashtags

Choose relevant hashtags

As long as you pushed “Generate hashtags,” you see the hashtags marked with High, Medium, and Low. What does this mean? 

Toolzu sorts out hashtags considering the difficulty of getting to the TOP feed on this hashtag. You just need to mix them in the right proportion, like that:

  • High difficulty – no more than 3. These hashtags contain a lot of spam, and the feed is updated every second. So it’s hard to stick to the TOP. 
  • Medium difficulty – 5-9 hashtags. These hashtags are more specific but still hard to compete if your average likes count is not big. Don’t use too much of this group.
  • Low difficulty– 11-18 hashtags. Niche tags are what you need in the most. They are not spammy and east to remain in the TOP for a longer time. 

Instagram rule – no more than 30 hashtags per post. 

#3 Make combinations

As soon as you’ve found some hashtags, make different sets. I mean, you need to mix the order of hashtags every time you post and add some new. Each set will have a different effect on your post reach. 

Also, make mixes related to every product group you promote, location or service. Copy and keep hashtags in a document you posting plan. 

#4 View the insights

It’s impossible to estimate whether the hashtags set was effective or bot if you don’t monitor the IG statistics. Do do that, you need a business account. 

Open a post insight in 40-50 minutes after you uploaded a post with hashtags and see how many accounts reached it via hashtags. If the set is relevant, you will be surprised by the traffic boost you’ll see. Never stop testing new combinations and add new hashtags. 

Avoid these mistakes when using hashtags

using hashtags

#1 Never use irrelevant hashtags

Some beginners put overused hashtags not connected to their posts. Or too widespread hashtags like #we, #nature, #people. The feed of these hashtags is spammy, and you won’t improve promotion. Moreover, Instagram may shadow ban you if it indicates you use hashtags just for likes count. 

# 2 Never repeat the same hashtags sets

Change the order of the words, add some new hashtags, and exclude some too. I suggest that you research hashtags every month when making a content plan. If you repeat hashtags every time, Instagram detects it and may hide your posts in the feed. 

#3 Avoid too competitive hashtags

It’s harder to stand out in the TOP where the average likes count reaches thousands, isn’t it? Also, the content is uploaded very fast. That’s why I suggest that most of your set include niche and specific hashtags. Toolzu helps you to estimate the time the TOP in the hashtags analytics. You can check it by tapping each hashtag. How convenient!

The wrapping up

Using an automated tool for searching hashtags and avoiding the common mistakes I pointed above should be a part of your digital promotion. Putting hashtags is no longer a time-sink and guesswork – simply try Toolzu! 

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