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Most Viewed YouTube Video: Culinary Blogs!

Did you know that such a popular video hosting as YouTube has existed for more than 15 years! And the first video that could get 1 million views was published on it 10 years ago. It was an advertisement of Nike, the protagonist of which was the internationally famous footballer Ronaldinho.

Today, the popularity of YouTube has increased, respectively, and the number of people who watch videos of interest to them every day has increased. Only one video can already be viewed by more than 1 billion people! A serious figure, as we believe. 

People post videos on various topics: lifestyle, useful tips, fitness topics, educational content, as well as culinary topics. Recently, the culinary theme of the video is becoming very popular. Maybe everyone suddenly decided to learn how to cook? Or they want to eat healthy and nutrient-enriched food? What do you think?

So what is the most viewed YouTube video on a culinary theme? Let’s find out together! It is recommended to read with tea and something sweet, appetite will appear at the speed of light!  

Top viewed YouTube videos! 

1. Rosanna Pansino

Top viewed YouTube videos

Subscribers: 11 M.

Views: 194 M.

This girl is a real actress who can achieve popularity on YouTube. She loves to cook since childhood, so she has decided to make her hobby the main thing of her life. Rosanna was taught to cook by her grandmother when she showed recipes in stages as a child. 

Today, Rosanna makes just incredible cakes and pastries that are gaining more than 100 million views. On her channel, there is the most viewed video on YouTube in a culinary topic – How to make a Disney princess.

2. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Subscribers: 11 M.

Views: 32 M.

Who doesn’t know Gordon Ramsay? Everybody knows! The most popular cook acquired after the release of his show on TV, where he was distinguished by a difficult temperament of his character. However, preparing Ramsay is just amazing! The same opinion and 11 million of his subscribers. 

On his channel, Gordon places mouth-watering recipes and tips for cooking a dish. He has lots of most watched YouTube videos on his channel. 

3. Simple Cooking Channel

Simple Cooking Channel

Subscribers: 1.5 M.

Views: 17 M.

Recipes that are published on this channel is easy! Don’t believe? Look at the title and the content! 

Videos last no more than three minutes, but simplify the preparation of seemingly complex dishes several times! His most popular YouTube videos is How to make chewing gum. 

4. Donal Skehan

Donal Skehan

Subscribers: 840 K.

Views: 8 M.

This culinary channel is led by a charismatic guy who is the descendant of the ancient Irish who fought for their freedom from England. Today, the guy lives in Los Angeles, as he spends a lot of time on various American cooking shows. The guy teaches viewers to prepare delicious meals. On his channel, you can watch one of the most viewed YouTube video!

To be closer to his audience, Donal decided to create a YouTube channel, where in addition to the recipes shared with the audience details of their lives. 

5. ByronTalbott

Subscribers: 1.4 M.

Views: 7 M.

The channel is a very famous chef who captivates with his openness and sincerity. He prepares quite complex, at first glance, dishes, but explains all the stages of preparation which is quite clear and simple. Also, he is a dessert God! Don’t believe? Watch at least one of his videos, where he prepares sweets.

6. Cooking with Dog

Subscribers: 1.4 M.

Views: 6 M.

The cutest channel on our list! Japanese woman cooks with her dog, who helps her in every way! Looking at the way the dog cooks, each instills confidence that he will be able to repeat it with ease! All recipes are very interesting and easy to prepare! All you need is a good mood, love of cooking, and adoration of dogs!

The video is in Japanese, but it does not stop anyone from watching them! Okay, okay, there are subtitles, but believe us, and without them everything is clear!

7. Laura in the Kitchen

Subscribers: 3.4 M.

Views: 6 M.

An ordinary housewife of Italian descent, but living in the United States, cooks no worse than famous chefs. She loves her native Italian cuisine and shares with subscribers interesting recipes from it. Besides, she accompanies the video with stories about Italians.

8. CupcakeJemma

Subscribers: 1.5 M.

Views: 4.9 M.

If you have nothing to surprise, we offer you to watch this channel, where a nice girl Jemma shares with the audience recipes for various sweets from homemade caramel to marshmallows. Besides, the channel has a large number of videos on the preparation of muffins and cupcakes, no wonder the channel is so called in fact!

9. SORTEDfood

Subscribers: 2.2 M.

Views: 3 M.

The usual channel of four friends who love to cook and joke. They always come up with interesting recipes for their viewers. Recipes are not quite complex and everyone can repeat them. Each video is accompanied by a lot of guys jokes to the audience is not sad and not afraid to try something new.

Also, the guys often shoot interesting challenges with food and competitions among themselves. Their most viewed YouTube video is 5 kitchen gadgets nobody needs.

10. Hilah Cooking

Subscribers: 400 K.

Views: 2.4 M.

Hilah is a lover of spicy and unusual dishes. On her channel, she shares recipes of such dishes from Mexican and European cuisine.

Remarkably, they are prepared very simply, and there is always a dish that can surprise guests.

Final word 

Each video blogger in this genre has its own set of formats that it uses. Formally, they can be divided into the following options:

  • Reviews of food from fast food (most often) and other institutions.
  • Reviews on different products of the same manufacturer or comparison of similar products of different manufacturers.
  • Simple recipe. Depending on the feed, it can be as very short (3-4 minutes) rollers, and full 10-minute step-by-step recipes (for example, a detailed description of each step of making a sandwich).

The blogger does not need to be in the frame. Shooting can be done from different angles, but unlike many other genres of video blogs, paramount importance is given to the hands of the blogger. However, the most popular channels created in the format of the show (which we used to see on TV): the author appears in the frame in full growth, actively gesticulating, sometimes talk.

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