Website copyright laws

Taking The Liberty: Website Copyright Laws

Content is added to the site following the regulated requirements for goals, benefits, uniqueness, website copyright laws, design and SEO-optimization. Compliance with all the nuances allows you to promote the site and increase conversion.

Fixed copyright

The content of the site is all the information present on its pages: text, photos, video, audio and other formats. It must be of high quality, diverse and unique, providing a high position in the search engines and an active visit to the resource by the target audience.

Competent work on its creation affects the success of the project. In case of errors in the addition of content may be sanctioned by the search engines: reducing the position of the resource in the results, selective or complete exclusion of pages from the issuance. Today we will talk about some limitations and features which are important in the work with content.


Branding is a consistent and systematic creation of a popular brand, the introduction of a brand approach in the company’s policy. Branding – targeted marketing activities to create long-term consumer preferences for the product. Branding is implemented in the process of development and implementation of marketing communications: trademark, brand, packaging, advertising appeals, other marketing efforts that help to highlight the product and create a different image of the product from other competitors in the minds and psychology of consumers.

The main purpose of branding is to convey to the target audience (the buyer, partners, authorities) the essence of the proposal, issued under the name of the brand, the formation of a positive attitude to this brand. The complex of works on branding includes:

  • naming, brand name development; 
  • description brand; 
  • identification of value in the eyes of the consumer (positioning); 
  • identifying differences that differentiate the brand and meet customer needs; 
  • creating a brand design; 
  • promotion and popularization of the brand; 
  • advertising support.

Editorial policy

The editorial policy determines what content you produce and when. The main tool of your editorial policy is the editorial calendar. The editorial calendar isn’t just a magazine where you track, coordinate, and share your new content, it’s a strategic tool that helps your team implement comprehensive programs that include your content. Maintaining an editorial calendar ensures that you release your content at the best possible time and that your entire team acts according to release dates.

Copyright law facts

Your calendar doesn’t have to be anything unusual — it can be a shared worksheet in Excel, a dynamic scheduler. The most important requirement for it is that all stakeholders have access to it and that it gives you a complete picture. The main benefits of creating such a calendar are:

  • The clarity and balance;
  • Responsibility;
  • Orderliness;
  • The clarity and balance
  • Visibility 

It is the best friend of a content marketing professional: it promotes team collaboration, supports multi-channel campaigns, and (most importantly), is guaranteed to cut your daily email in half.

  • Responsibility

Content — the fuel for your marketing teams and, therefore, extremely important that you coordinated, published and respect their deadlines issue content. If your demand generation team plans to use your new ebook in the email offer next month, or the event team needs.

  • Orderliness

Last but not least, the calendar forces you to be organized. A calendar is not just for planning Your future content and social media posts — it’s also a journal with records of all your past posts. It’s not always easy to keep track of your ebook progress, whether you’ve tweeted about something, or what event you’ve already advertised on Facebook, especially if your team has a lot of people.

The editorial calendar will also help you stay organized during the initial discussion process. We recommend that you fill out Your calendar with the following information, even before you conduct a collective brainstorming session:

  • Release/update of the future product;
  • Company events;
  • Events in the industry;
  • Ads;
  • Holidays;
  • National / international events.

You can also plan your content quarterly or semi-annually to help you focus your strategy. Incorporate your directions into your original content plans and work on them over a set time.

Copyright law facts: Reputation management

SERM – translated as reputation management in search engines. It is a set of different activities that are carried out to eliminate or prevent negative consequences for the reputation of the company, which are caused by negative reviews and references to products/brands on the Internet.

The task of SERM is to eliminate significant mentions on the Internet, which put the company in an unacceptable light, by creating positive information about the company and its further promotion in search engines.

The competent and more correct methods of managing the company’s reputation include:

  • improving customer service, which contributes to the resolution of conflict situations with customers on the spot without the removal of negativity to the network;
  • implementation of various kinds of motivational programs for clients, aimed at making them interested in leaving positive feedback on various resources;
  • increased activity in social networks, involving the creation and promotion of communities in which buyers can share consumer experience, and potential customers – to ask questions, consult, etc.

Fixed copyright: Prohibited content

There is so-called prohibited content in the media space, which cannot be published due to the direct instructions of the law. What content is prohibited in this regard?

Prohibited content
  • Religion

This is very risky and can create discomfort for the participants, “hot” discussions or quarrels in the comments. That for the corporate page, reputation and loyalty to the company, it is possible to be disastrous. 

  • Policy

Political persons, views on the state structure, events in public life of the country always cause the increased interest, generate controversy. The political situation in the country and the world is a “sick” topic not only for Newspapers, television, but also for social networks. 

  • Adult content 

Sometimes the company just wants to add “peppercorns” to the post, using not forbidden, but quite Frank photos with beautiful models in a minimum of clothes. And for several representatives of Central Asia, this may seem attractive. 


Creating the right content is half the battle. It is important to choose a site for its placement, because it makes no sense to create something that no one will see. Placement of information resembles a step-by-step strategy: choose a platform, capture it, get resources and protect from enemies. In parallel, we look at what sites do not bring results, and what competitors claim. Therefore, it is necessary to capture useful sites and get rid of unnecessary ones. 

Social network

There are a lot of sites, but not so simple. We’ll have to try, burn, analyze and work hard. So please be patient and willing. Otherwise, it won’t work.

  • Site

This protects business from competitors and attracts the attention of the audience. Unlike third-party sites, you can place any content here, as the site belongs to you. The main source of content on the site will be the product. Any content works here: text, photos, videos, infographics. The main thing is to reveal the advantages of the product. 

  • Social network

This site the presence of which is mandatory. Social media activity provides a strategic advantage over competitors, as people live here.

  • Facebook

Here is concentrated an adult audience. Therefore, the issue of content should be approached thoroughly. The task is to position yourself as an expert, to talk about what you know, to participate in discussions and to enlist the support of users.

  • Instagram

Also popular in Instagram videos within 1 minute, so if you want to capture a fun moment in the life of the company — do not hesitate.

  • YouTube

If Instagram is created for photos, YouTube for videos. With the help of the service you can create your channel, download videos or broadcast online.

  • Twitter

Suitable for quick information release, important news or limited action.

Good content promotes itself, but it’s hard to measure as contextual advertising, for example. There are three types of metrics: technical, financial, and subjective.

  • Technical
  • Suitable for measuring performance on third-party platforms, social media posts and presentations. Here we pay attention to reach, approval, attracted traffic and depth of views.
  • Coverage — the total number of views after publication on the site and subsequent distribution.
  • Approval — the total amount of likes and shares, as well as the number of subscribers to the newsletter or RSS-channel.  

Attracted traffic — transitions to the site after viewing the content. If the traffic is not growing — it means that the content is of poor quality.

  • Financial
  • Transition price — the number of participants who have switched to paid advertising in comparison with the number of transitions from the article.
  • ROI — return on investment. Compare the cost of creating content with the number of successful transactions that have been made with it.
  • Revenue channel — revenue from the placement of content on a particular site.
  • LTV content — content lifetime. In other words, how long your content has been relevant and generated a stream of customers.
  • Subjective

In General, it’s simple: if the content is good, you magically begin to write, thank and call to speak. 

GDPR: What is it?

Personal data is any information relating to a particular individual that can be used to identify him or her. In the definition of the GDPR (general data protection regulation), this includes both information that the user has independently provided for a particular web resource (first and last name, gender, email or phone number), and data collected automatically. For example, it is information about location, device (including IP address), operating system, etc.

The approach to personal data protection in the GDPR is based on eight principles:

  • Target limit. The purpose of the data collection should be stated at the time of collection and the data should not be used for anything other than the original intention.
  • Data minimization. The data collected must correspond to the original purpose. It is prohibited to collect more data than is necessary to achieve the goal.
  • Accuracy. Personal information must be accurate, complete and up-to-date to the extent necessary for the purposes specified. 
  • Storage restriction. The data is stored in a form that allows to identify the user no longer than it is necessary for information processing.

Website copyright laws

The question of how much copyright to text articles on the web has been raised repeatedly. The legal framework that would be able to resolve issues related to copyright protection of copywriters and journalists in the Network does not exist today.

Website copyright laws

So, how to register copyright for a written publication, copywriter’s text or content. How to protect content from illegal copying.

Development of Internet sites always involves the presence of text content. If you fill the site with your articles, you can notify users of your website copyright laws to them. This is enough:

  • To put the copyright symbol (the letter “C” circled).
  • Indicate your authorship.
  • Specify the year in which this article was written.

What is NDA and what are its benefits?

NDA is a non-disclosure agreement. What is the value of this document? This document can be signed with three types of contractors:

  • with clients;
  • with partners/contractors;
  • with employees.

What should be provided in the preparation of NDA?

  • Responsibility. Many of our practice tries to push through the paragraph with the wording “In case of violation of the nondisclosure agreement, the contractor undertakes to compensate for the lost profit and missed opportunities of the client” (I simplify the wording). 
  • The use of customer contacts for PR, etc. Often see a situation when the company signed an NDA and put the client’s logo in the section “our clients”, or wrote an article about getting started. If you work with an international company, you can “fly on the cap”. 

Final word

The quality and promotion of the resource depends on well-composed content and the following to copyright laws for website content. In the work on the need to pay attention to the following points: 

  • the uniqueness of the materials; 
  • usefulness and clarity of content for users; 
  • literacy and a given style of texts; 
  • following of limitations;
  • design that promotes readability and perception of text information; 
  • adding optimized graphics; 
  • use of high-quality audio and video materials to attract a wide audience.

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